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"A common frustration many car owners share is the irritance and cost of incidental scratches, scrapes and dents."

Ring Smash Repairs was formed in 1990 with a commitment to providing a cost effective quality repair solution for small incidents that vehicles are exposed to through everyday motoring. Damage commonly caused from misjudged parking, out of control shopping trolleys, low speed incidents, the kids bikes in the drive way and the list goes on. And although the damage maybe small the repair bill using traditional repair methods is still always expensive and generally at least the cost of your insurance excess if a claim is made.



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Ring Smash Repairs employ a growing National team of highly experienced industry qualified technicians, working from fully fitted state of the art mobile repair vans ready to assist you.


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Our team is committed to keeping Ring Smash Repairs at the forefront in small repair solutions and comes with unrivalled industry experience. As well as being experts in the latest small repair technology, we also come fully equiped with strong ethics a flair for innovation with traditional customer service values.



If you have any questions or would like to just find out more about our services please don't hesitate to call one of our friendly staff team members.

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Ring's Smash Repair has been a trusted provider of automotive smash repairs for over 25 years. We have a reputation in Bayswater and the eastern suburbs for high quality smash repair work at a competitive price.

Our experienced staff pride themselves on delivering superior performance, with professionalism and efficiency. Michael and Ross oversee production and never compromise on quality. Both are experienced in all aspects of their work. We use genuine parts and all work is guaranteed.


Ring's Smash Repair Centre serves customers in Sydney's Western suburbs including Belmore, Canterburry, Banks town, Burwood, etc.

Our customer base have high expectations, and we believe in exceeding customer service wherever possible. We will not compromise in the quality and safety of the work being performed.

Call us on ( 02) 9759 2059 to arrange a free quotation for your vehicle smash repairs.